17 July 2019
15 July 2019


Year: 2016

Client: Fuzul İnşaat

Area: 18.621 m²

Type: Residental, Commercial

Team: Fuat Taşkıranoğlu, Beylem Taşkıranoğlu, Miguel Zapatero, Esen Kantarcı, Aurelija Juskaite, Oğuzhan Solmaz

Project Information

Sited in Gaziosmanpaşa district on Abdi İpekçi Street, TEM Avrasya is a 18.700m² urban transformation project consisting of 18 storage 6 housing blocks, a social facility and an open shoping area.

Consisting of 612 apartments, 150 of them were reserved to landowners. Out of the site there is a supermarket, a little shopping area and two catering friendly open squares.

Surrounded by TEM highway to the north, TEM Avrupa Konutları Resindences to the East, a school to the west and Abdi İpekçi Avenue to the south. Entry to the site its placed next to the school in a new street, but also there is an emergency exit facing Avrupa Konutlari.

With all the residences facing north-south, since the strong dominant wind is north-northwest direction, blocks were design as single blocks rather than continuous unit (chain).

In order to obtain the largest garden area and better southern orientation, blocks were pushed towards the land borders. Buildings as well, were disposed corner to corner so that no blocks would overlap one another. Thus, the largest garden area that could be aimed to create large spaces in the corner-corner neighborhoods and hall kitchen facades of the housing blocks without interfering each other’s sight was aimed.

TEM Eurasia project sits on an elevated terrain that rises from the south to the north and then falls to the highway. On Abdi Ipekçi avenue, the design of two courtyards with separate access matching it´s slope, increases commercial façades providing a higher value. The commercial block is a structure that gives the maximum façade to the road along the southwest of the road elevation. A B C blocks are located in the projection.

The site garden was solved in two different levels considering the use of the garden in compliance with the average elevations.

The inner bidirectional ring road reaches each block entrance and has also a jogging / cycling 400m path.

In order to design a city skyline breaking the public housing image, blocks were designed with a uniform white colored frame. This element relieves the building on its 18th floor repeating floor plans, manages the perception of height. The white material always stands out, and the contrast between the dark surfaces and brick textures in both form and color is increased.