12 July 2019
11 July 2019


Year: 2015

Client: Suryapı

Area: 30.000 m²

Type: Residental, Commercial

Team: Fuat Taşkıranoğlu, Beylem Taşkıranoğlu, Miguel Zapatero, Muhammet Tetikoğlu, Zeynep Çırak, Murat Nizam

Project Information

Suryapı “ilkbahar” project is a residential development project consisting of  5 residential blocks, a commercial block and a social facility with apprximately 10.000 suqare meter green area, on an area of approximately 25 acres in a newly constructed area in Sultanbeyli.

The blocks were placed in the state scale, using the plinth widths, in a way that did not interfere with the garden view and the natural light of each other. Thus, the largest possible garden area was obtained.

A total of 8-9 storey blocks resting on a 3-storey mass which opens to two large gardens as north and south, on the whole plot. These gardens have children’s playgrounds and outdoor gathering grounds in a tree-lined landscape. The blocks are separated from the common courtyard on the ground floors by a water landscape describing their private terraces.

In the north garden, the social facility, which exposes both sides of the slope, has a semi-outdoor, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness area, saunas, a children’s playground and a café.

On the facades of the blocks opening to the gardens, there are large windows and balconies with glass balustrades that can be accessed from the living room and the kitchen. In this sense, the courtyard facades are read in the form of white frames that cover 4-5 storeys of smoked and earth-colored pavements not touching the base; with the white pergolas on the roofs, it is aimed to perceive the buildings lower than the garden.

The beam along the wide revolving ramp behind the trade block describes the security building and the entrance square. All slope in the land is connected with pedestrian ramps not exceeding 8% and disabled access is provided to all entrances and gardens without interruption. In addition, site access roads and outdoor parking spaces are located along the garden wall.

The trade block (Market) opens to the west of the plot with a level square. It is designed for the widest facade it can take in its current area.

During the design phase, the residential blocks were evaluated with different alternatives in terms of the silhouette they formed both individually and together.