8 July 2019
6 July 2019


Year: 2013

Client: Yiltas-Bugtas Partnership

Area: 3500 m²

Type: Residental, Apartment Block

Team: Fuat Taşkıranoğlu, Beylem Taşkıranoğlu, Miguel Zapatero, Murat Nizam, Bilgehan Akça

Project Information

The Mutlus apatment  is located between the coastal road and the Baghdad street in Suadiye.

It is an apartment building consisting of nine floors on the ground floor. The two apartments on the floor are completely separated by a small core extending from the front to the back.

The large hall and kitchen facades lead to the southern landscape, while the bedrooms and building core facades provide a façade to Baghdad street over the northern neighbors.

The plot is a shallow rectangle with a long edge parallel to the shore. It is at the mouth of a quadruple in the area between the coastal road and Baghdad street. On the scale of the site, the building was brought closer to the corner of the land, thus taking over the two-storey building in front of it to the point overlooking the landscape.

Two white frames on the façade facing the Marmara Sea form the main silhouette of the building. In these frames, wood and gray stripes describe the lines separating the vertical and horizontal. Fine white porcelain ceramics were preferred outside the white frames and on the back. There is also a curtain wall made of aluminum box profiles between the two white frames that conceal the staircase. Thus, white frames predominantly form formal contrast.

In addition, this effect has resulted in two smaller passports on the long side of the building. The interior parts of these mats were broken into the occupancy spaces in the proportions of the Turkish House and facade elements were formed.

The building has the strongest influence on the narrow façades facing east and west. The white frame narrows well and breaks off the floor, creating a surface where only the thin joints can be read. It hides the side window of the hall with a deep tear on the white surface.