13 July 2019
12 July 2019


Year: 2015

Client: Sur Yapı

Area: 13.000 m²

Type: Residental, Commercial

Team: Fuat Taşkıranoğlu, Beylem Taşkıranoğlu, Miguel Zapatero, Aurelija Juskaite

Project Information

Sehir Konaklari is a residential project consisting of 4 residential blocks and a commercial building surrounding a 7-acre garden area on an area of ​​13 acres in a built-up area in Ümraniye. There is a grocery store, a café with an open terrace and a small bazaar serving the residents and the residents outside the site.

To the southeast of the site is a neighborhood park about the size of the site. There is a rehabilitated stream in this park. High E block and commercial units open to the busy street in the southwest direction. To the northwest is a site called Whiteside.

Blocks A, B, F are 9 floors, E blocks are 14 floors, C-D blocks are 5 floors in twin order.

The rear (road) facades of the blocks A B F are in the northwest-northeast direction. The low-rise blocks C D overlook the district park at the back, with a commercial block on the southeast side.

Thus, the largest garden area that could be aimed to create large spaces in the corner-corner neighborhoods and hall-kitchen facades of the housing blocks without entering each other’s sight was aimed.

Sehir Konaklari is located on a flat plot. The ring path rotating around the blocks is unidirectional. 450m. A long jogging / cycling path is available. Service to the blocks and pedestrian entrances are made from this ring path from the rear façade. The site entrance is located at the point where the garden is most open. Since the entrance-exit to the closed parking lot which consists of two basement floors is done immediately from the entrance of the site, no vehicle traffic is foreseen within the site.

The site plan includes a green band in front of the terraces on the ground floors of the blocks, which reinforces the goodwill of the apartments. The in-house pedestrian paths within the garden distinguish these private gardens with a continuous ornamental pool. Thus, the terraces are reserved as a more secluded “semi-private” area.

The sports fields are solved in the farthest area to the garden considering the sound comfort between the ring road and the garden walls behind Block B in the northeast corner of the land.

The commercial block is a structure that gives the maximum façade to the road along the southwest at the road elevation (+130). The E block is located in the projection.

The social facility is located next to the E block entrance so as not to disturb the integrity of the garden. A café and fitness room opens onto the terrace covered by an ellipse-shaped pergola. Indoor pool, men’s and women’s dressing rooms, sauna, steam room and hammam are located in the 1st basement. The indoor pool is illuminated by the roof skylight.

Housing blocks are four types according to floor plan types. Throughout the garden, different façade ratios were used in the first two floors at eye level, and a different design language was used in the second and above sections.

Lighter parapets tapered towards the ends of the blocks on dark surfaces at the edges of the blocks and wooden textured surfaces leaving spaces around the central axes of the blocks were preferred. In the low-rise and more prestigious C-D blocks, natural stone cladding was used on the first two floors and wooden textured ceramic materials were used more intensively on the upper floors whose plan differed.

Wood and stone veneer is one of the materials commonly used in Turkish architectural culture. Stone pavements were used in C-D blocks under wooden pavements at eye level. On the other hand, wood veneers were used in blok bay windows çıkan in the other blocks and in the first two floors to obtain lighter perspective at the eye level of the eight-storey blocks. The facade proportions are used in combination with classical materials and modern interpretations.

The hall and kitchen facades overlook the garden in all blocks. Since there are four apartments on E floor, half of them face the road.

The height of the floor is 3.00m. Indoor clean height will be 2.78m. There is no roof.

In the apartment plans consisting of 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1, the circulation areas are kept to a minimum and thus, it is aimed to enlarge the living room, kitchen and room areas in each apartment. In accordance with the regulations used in the design, balcony-dining rooms were used in the halls, which could be opened completely, accessed from the kitchen and joined the hall. In addition, these spaces were considered dressing rooms in the bedrooms, thus improving the apartment space and usage.

The Turkish family life was taken into consideration while the entrance-hall-kitchen relations were arranged.